KH group of companies is a diversified business group which operates in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan
It aims to be the forefront leaders in transforming business opportunities into real time projects

The group operates in a following business segments

Business Consultancy and Investment Advisory

Our team consists of industry experts with a passion for innovative solutions to overcome the problems. We provide strategic advise and corporate leadership

Our consultants are experienced individuals with wealth of
contacts. Our advisory department provides the following services:


  • Business development and deal structuring
    Management consultancy and investment advisory through analysis, feasibility, strategies and risk mitigation techniques.
  • Assisting local mergers and acquisitions as we possess the local knowledge that is driven by market research.
  • Access to funding and capital through venture capitalists and angel investors.
  • Access to international markets and projects by being active in Asia, Middle
  • East and African countries.
  • Financial and technical feasibilities and legal assistance through our expert associates.

Transport and Logistics

  • We maintain company owned fleet of more than 200 vehicles and welcome any point-to-point delivery regardless of location and inherent danger of high-risk areas.
  • Supported by a team of logistic subject matter experts, we strive in providing in-house logistic services for our customers to support their business and asses them in gaining competitive advantage by streamlining their logistic requirements.
  • With our existing infrastructure, owned assets and tailor-made logistic solutions, we are equipped as one of the largest one stop logistic service provider with strong ability to serve various industry verticals.
  • We are providing transportation services of liquid cargo and petroleum products to a broad portfolio of clients.


Agriculture sector in Pakistan contribute more than one fourth to the GDP of the country. It is a livelihood and a way of living in the rural areas.

Our farms ensure the highest quality standards and sustainability not only across crops but also a sustainable working environment.

  • We take pride in acknowledging farming as a professional endeavor.
  • We thrive in being a valuable part of the larger community providing fresh produce throughout the year across Pakistan.
  • We educate our farmers to maintain high quality standards when growing sugar cane, wheat, rice, sunflower and more.
  • We ensure sustainable innovative farming techniques. This helps in prevention of land degradation and contributes to the quality of our fresh produce.


We take pride in leading the aquaculture industry with innovative indoor fish farming techniques to provide fresh fish to the local markets. We specialize in carp fishes especially roho labeo, mrigul, silver, common, catla catla and grass. We also do other types of fish such as giant snakehead, sea bass and sperata seenghala.
Our fish faming process consists of:
  • Hatchery: Here the fish breeding process take place. The environment is conducive to breeding and is regulated through technology for maximum yield.
  • Rearing: The hatched fishes are transferred to rearing where technology is used to control for their food intake, weight management and health monitoring. Rearing is a delicate process with years of experience we have perfected it.
  • Distribution: We have distribution networks set across Pakistan. Once the fishes are ready for consumption, they are transported to whole sale market across the country in high standard packaging for quality assurance.

Livestock Farming

Pakistan has a huge potential to export meat and meat products.

We have recognized that opportunity and have worked towards a modern sustainable faming using data and technology.

We focus on nutrition, ecology and the economy to provide high quality meat to our consumers. Our services range from:

  • Meat Supply & Export: We source animals from our local market to benefit the cattle herders. Once sourced, these animals go through 2 to 3 month high quality feed process that ensures healthy and strong animals ready for the international markets.
  • Feed Lot Fattening Program: Animals at our farm are fed with the most premium quality livestock feed. This helps in growing the animals organically making the meat more nutritious and healthy for everyone to enjoy.
  • Breeding: Animals at our farms go through a breeding process under the administration of specialists. The specialists make sure the animals are healthy and ready for breeding. The cycle is consistent all year round and the animals are monitored through state of the art technology

KH Group takes full pride in moving the first trade convoy of CPEC from Kashgar to Gwadar in association with FWO