PFMS offers total energy management and energy engineering solutions by utilising the latest innovative technologies to deliver energy savings and efficiency to clients.
Our unique energy solutions are custom designed with an extensive and vast product portfolio from different vendors to ensure the best fit and combination for specific client requirements and objectives to maximise energy efficiency.
PFMS understands that external window and facade of each building are the first impressions of the premises seen by staff, tenants and visitors alike and our focus is to ensure that cleanliness of glass in entrance hallways and main thoroughfares is maintained to highest standards at all times.
We develop a comprehensive programme of window and façade cleaning in line with the client’s requirements, taking into consideration environmental policy, site complexities such as access issues, in-built equipment and required protection necessary to minimize disruption and inconvenience to the public, client and staff. PFMS also provides management, planning,monitoring and performance reporting of window cleaning service